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LEAD SEA-Who we are

February 18, 2017 14:07

Genesis of LEAD: LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa is one of the 13 member programmes). LEAD SEA was launched in 1994 in Harare (Zimbabwe) by the Vice President of Zimbabwe Comrade Muzenda. Malawi w...

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What we do

February 18, 2017 18:03

Our Mission: To promote leadership and strengthen ecological and social resilience of ecosystems and communities to the impacts of natural and human induced shocks in Malawi and beyond Our Vision  ...

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Training Programmes

February 18, 2017 18:35

Training programmes here...

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News & Events

February 18, 2017 18:37

News and events

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Fellows & Members

February 18, 2017 18:38

Fellows and members

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Terms & Conditions

February 18, 2017 18:52


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February 20, 2017 16:53

Welcome to Lead Southern and Eastern Africa. This is home page.

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Current Projects

February 20, 2017 21:07

current projects

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Past Projects

February 20, 2017 21:15

past projects

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February 20, 2017 21:18